Excellence in Everything

A few days ago, I was assigned the task of handling a design and printing project for a client of ours. The task was quite simple really. We had worked on the design and the client approved it, all that was left was to ensure that the person who was going to print the design on the shirts did a good job.

When I got to the printer’s place, I explained to him what I wanted from him. Now, this was not our first time of working with him so I felt a little reluctant to warn him that we could not afford any mistake, but then I remembered Murphy’s law: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”. I stated in clear terms that the job had to be perfect otherwise, I would reject it.

At the agreed upon date for collection, he called and said the shirts were ready. I was really happy because he was on time. I went to his place hurriedly. When I saw the shirts, I was devastated because it was not the agreed-upon size that was printed. A part of me wanted to accept the terrible job as it is because it could still be managed. I also thought about saving him from spending extra on reprinting without making any gain, then I remembered the actual clients that own the job. I remembered what we promised them and I remembered warning the printer that we won’t accept substandard work from him.

I rejected the job and bluntly told him he had to fix his errors. He kept trying to make me see reasons to accept the substandard work as it is but I kept reminding him of the fact that I had warned him beforehand that any substandard job would not be accepted. At that point, I was so glad we had a prior agreement in the first place.

Finally, he reprinted the designs on the shirts and this time I was satisfied. We delivered the shirts to the client and we were glad there was no buyer’s remorse. Our client was happy with the new shirts.

Why this story?

I was tempted to accept a substandard job that could jeopardize our relationship with a client. This is never a good move. Happy clients mean more projects and referrals. No good business person would throw that away on the altar of pity.

At Epower, we not only have excellence as a core value, it’s our oxygen. We don’t accept substandard work and as such we do not provide substandard solutions. At Epower, we aim for the wow. You should too.

Damilola Emmanuel Akinosun

Visual Designer, Epowerng