4 Components of Copywriting: Here’s to write website copy like a boss

You’ve got a serious problem. Yes, you.

The problem is that your copywriting is terrible. And bad copywriting affects every aspect of your business. It makes it difficult to sell things, get traffic and build an audience.

In short, poor copywriting is a major obstacle, if you’re trying to grow a business online.

Don’t panic yet. There is a solution. Read on:


4 critical Components of Copywriting

If you focus on these 4 components, you’ll achieve the greatest results with the least effort.

  • Headlines

Every blog post has a title, every page has a headline, every ad, every video… pretty much everything we engage with online has a title or headline. And even for media like podcast episodes or videos, the title makes a huge difference in making audience click and start reading/listening in the first place.

The job of a good headline is to grab the readers’ undivided attention and ultimately make them consume your content till the very end.


  • Hooks

The hook is the first paragraph of your blog post or email, the first few sentences you say in your video or podcast.

Why does a hook matter? Because even if someone is attracted by a good headline, they’re still on the brink of leaving. You have to give them a good reason to keep reading/watching/listening. Even if your content is free, there’s a price to pay: time and attention. And the hook’s job is to get your visitor to decide: yes, I will spend my time and attention here. If you’ve read this far, my hook worked.


  • Fact / story

“Facts tell, stories sell”. Depending on your intention, either to tell or sell, you should site proven experience(s).

You need to convince your audience with an irresistible story and if you’re to grab their undivided attention, you had better research & use facts: honestly, that is the fact.


  • Call to Action

Every content should have a conversion goal. What action do you want your audience to take? Is it to buy something, or to drop a comment, to share your post, or fill out a survey… whatever it is, you need to have a clear call to action.

It’s your turn to share. What component have I left out? What has been your experience writing copy? Drop a comment.


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