To win elections can be difficult, but most definitely not impossible. The challenge most politicians confront is over relying on strategists and advisors so much that they fail to realize they have to do their own home work and lead their own campaign. Today we’re going to talk about 3 secrets for winning an election and hopefully by the end of this write-up, you’d have armed your campaign arsenal with 3 new weapons.


1. Get Out in Front

muhammadu buhari

Having a good campaign manager is not the only criteria for success in a political campaign. To win elections, you must define yourself so your opponents won’t do it for you.  Get out early in the campaign to define yourself, let people see you. More importantly, let them see you as a genuine person and not just someone who needs their help in winning an election. Take this one step further: define your opponent, and define the issues that are important in the race. In 2015, Buhari successfully defined the issues around the economy, corruption & insecurity. His campaign also branded Goodluck as ‘incompetent’. Set the tone early, this forces your opponent(s) to respond. When your opponents have to respond to you, you’ll always be remembered as the one who initiated meaningful dialogue. Voters don’t forget initiators.



2. Be Authentic

Ayodele Fayose showing his human side

This is one thing a lot of Nigerian politicians struggle with. Voters generally dislike candidates that seem fake, or are trying to act the part. The public wants to vote for a candidate who is real and relatable. Though politicians like Ayodele Fayose have taken this to a whole new level, the key thing is to have a human face. Showcase your achievements, participate in major social events, and show your human side in interviews. Smile and connect with the audience at any town hall meeting or rally. If the voters think you are wearing a mask in order to get elected, they’ll wonder what you’re hiding. To win elections, Be authentic. Let people see you as one of them, don’t pad or make up your bio/resume because the people will clearly see past your charade and ignore you.


3. Delegate


A lot of candidates have classic “type A” personalities. They always want to do everything by themselves which makes this one of the toughest tips to learn.  There’s no way a person can do everything that is needed to be done in order to win an election no matter how much he or she tries. To win elections, You have to learn to delegate. You cannot be an effective leader without delegating. However, you must delegate with supervision. Laissez-faire-leadership generally leads to low productivity and lost elections. Effective delegation is one of the qualities that’ll make the people view you as a good leader. Learn how to delegate tasks to trusted volunteers, a professional staff, spouses and friends.



4. Paint powerful pictures

 political campaign posters

A picture is worth a thousand words. The right picture – that is. In a political campaign, design can make or break a candidate. This is because voters see your posters before they hear you speak, so if you have poor visual branding, the first impression people have of you is that of a candidate without taste. This significantly reduces any chance you might have of running an effective campaign talk less of winning an election. To win elections, you need to capture the fears and aspirations of the electorate and with the power of pictures, you can do just that. Governor Ambode of Lagos used powerful designs and not forgetting the Buhari/Osinbajo campaign of 2015. They successfully showcased our biggest fears (security, economy, corruption) through captivating images, then sold us dreams of a better Nigeria (24/7 power supply, good roads etc) through powerful designs.

For your political campaign, spend good money on good designs and printing. Artistic concepts & excellent designs that connect with your target audience is exactly what you need.



When you delegate, exude an authentic personality, get out in front and paint powerful pictures, To win elections will no longer be a problem.

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