Staying relevant in the blog-sphere can be very tasking. Yet, it all boils down to creating quality blog content. An outstanding blog content positions you as a leader in your niche.

There are tools that can make your life a lot easier than it is right now and ensure improved blog content quality. These tools are not new. Top bloggers make use of them to create quality blog content that rank well on search engines.


5 tools that would greatly improve the quality of your blog content

1. Hubspot Blog Topic Generator

Use: Generates topic ideas for your blog!

Why you’ll love it: When you’re at that point when you need a topic for a blog post and nothing is coming, this tool is your messiah. All you need to do is fill in your keywords and the tool would suggest 5 topics. Not only would it give you ideas; it would give you topics that rank well on search engines because the topics generated are topics users search for relating to your keyword.

TIP: This free tool is best to kick off your blog topic brainstorming process. But, the result might need a little tweak to get your desired topic

2. BuzzSumo

Use: Discover contents that are performing best for a particular topic!

Why you’ll love it: This tool gives you an in-depth understanding of what type of content performs best based on keywords. Simply fill in your topic and the tool will display top-ranked contents.

TIP: I strongly advice you focus your search on topics relating to your niche. The goal is to be consistent and not confuse your audience.

3. Plagiarism Checker

Use: Scans your article for duplicate contents that already exist online.

Why you’ll love it: This powerful tool allows you to create quality content that passes Google plagiarism checker. It helps to rank your site and contents well in searches.

It is an easy to use tool. All you have to do is copy and paste your article into a box and watch. The tool scans through the World Wide Web; phrases/sentences that are not original are flagged in red. It also identifies the link of the original source.

TIP: When the scan is complete, the tool will score you based on the originality or uniqueness of your article. The unoriginal sentences in your article that are flagged red can be modified to improve the score.

4. KingSumo Headlines

Use: Optimizing your headline for maximum traffic!

Why you’ll love it: This plugin helps save time spent on guessing which variation of the title would perform better. With this plugin, you can add multiple titles in WordPress and different titles will be shown to visitors. After some time, the best performing title is constantly displayed.

TIP: Make sure the different titles include the keyword of the post for accuracy of result.

5. Hemingway Editor

Use: Analyzing and improving post readability!

Why you’ll love it: Kudos to Hemingway’s highlight feature. At a glance, you can identify any problem areas within your post. The editor reduces the complexity of your blog post. Hence making easy for your audience to read.



Start using these tools for your blog content today. After two months, you can measure effectiveness. Compare the contents created with these tools and the ones created without them. There is good news, you can optimize your old content with these tools too.

Now over to you…
Tell us about the tools you use to create quality blog content and why you love them? Let’s hear your opinion – Leave a comment below.

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