5 Keys To Building A Unique Brand

Branding has evolved.

Creating a brand that glorifies the status quo is no longer an option. Today, building a strong brand is key to building a successful business venture.  Me-too businesses (commodities) rarely survive nor thrive in the long run. Commodities are hard to differentiate but easy to substitute. For example, take a look at razor blade or pure water. You buy without checking the label. How about brands? They are very easily recognizable- think Apple, Netflix & Shoprite: they are easy to differentiate and hard to substitute.  How then, can you build a unique brand?

1. Differentiate Your Price

Differentiating the price of your products or services from your competition can be a successful strategy in making your brand stand out.  Depending on your strategy, you can be either the successful best-seller with a low price or a brand with a higher price point. Consider the value you’re providing and figure out what price point will benefit you and still attract your kind of customers.

2. Be the Expert

If your company is excellent at a certain aspect of the business, you can distinguish your brand by focusing on this expertise. Don’t be a Jack of all trade. Pick a niche and focus solely on it. When people know you as an expert in a certain field, they’ll always revert back to you for help in that field. A specialist will always outshine a generalist.

 3.  Be customer obsessed

I can’t stress this enough: effective customer service matters. If you give your customers a memorable buying experience, they will tell their friends about you. Your brand will not only stand out, your brand value will soar. I for one, certainly know that if a salesperson is friendly to me even after buying something little, I’ll always come back especially when I want to buy something bigger.

4.  Storytelling

Facts tell, but stories sell. If you want to grab hearts and wallets, tell stories. It’s not a coincidence that nearly every successful brand has a fascinating story behind it. By creating and accentuating your brand story, you can distinguish your brand from other brands, and communicate your values to the public.

5. Own a stunning, fully functional website

Today, consumers want to order at the click of a button. Not having a compelling online presence, especially a compelling website is a red flag. Consider your business website as your online headquarters.  And can you imagine your HQ looking desolate like the Sahara desert?

In our work with small businesses, we have found that deploying a compelling website not only helps engage current customers, it has the ability to convert skeptics into fans, and fans into clients.

At Epower, we practice what we preach. This means when we build you that stunning, functional website, our pricing is differentiated, our expertise is demonstrated, our customer obsession is clearly articulated and our story telling is elevated. You should do the same.

Ready to see live examples of the 5 keys in action? Head to our portfolio page for amazing client success stories.
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