5 Reasons Why A Mobile Responsive Website Is A Necessity

A mobile responsive website is one that adapts to the display size of any device it is being displayed on easily and maintains a smooth navigation system and doesn’t make the user journey complicated.

1. Visitors expect your site to be responsive

Just about everyone uses a mobile device…There are over 1.2 billion people using mobile devices to access the web, which translates into over 80% of all internet users, using their mobile devices. So it would be safe to say that not marketing to or not being mobile friendly with mobile users would be a detriment to your business.
With every project we take on, we ensure that all our designs are mobile friendly and fully responsive so that the visitors won’t be disappointed and go elsewhere, literally with a click of a finger because they can.

2. It helps you build a good first impression

People never forget their experience with a website. Having a website that is not mobile friendly creates terrible first impressions, and ruins your brand’s reputation. A lost Reputation is difficult to recover from, and most businesses can’t afford to give people a bad experience, digital or otherwise. So, having a responsive website not only helps you build credibility online but offline as well because people talk.

3. It improves your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Ranking

Ensuring that your website is mobile responsive is part of Google’s criteria to determine tour ranking when it comes to search engine optimization. Mobile-Friendly Websites Rank higher simply because it is more user-friendly. With everyone having smartphones and constantly using them to search. Google keeps its users happy by providing them with results in websites that are mobile responsive. So, simply put, a user-friendly website improves your SEO ranking.

4. A lot of Social media referrals are on mobile.

Most of the links you find with apps on the mobile device are clicked and viewed on the same mobile device. 91% of mobile internet usage is used for social activity. As social media continues to grow and evolve, statics show that mobile is where the trend is going to stay. At least for the foreseeable future. If your business is or ever wants to engage in the social media audience, (Not that you really have a choice in today’s age) then you can see why responsive web design is important

5. You’ll make your customers a lot happier

When you have a mobile-friendly website, your website will look great and function well on any device or screen size for that matter. From smartphones to tablets, and desktops. If you are ready to get your customers happy. Then it’s time to consider redesigning your existing website.

At Epower.ng, we build fully responsive and user-friendly websites and mobile apps that give brands the professional look and feel they’re looking for and help them become the best of themselves. Want to take your business to the next level, get in touch with us today.

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