5 reasons why you need focus

We are living in a fast-paced world with tons of distractions thrown our way every day. Amidst the strong pull of social media, gossip websites and TV, we need to find time for the important stuff. Without focus, it is pretty impossible to become successful.

Here are 5 reasons why you need focus:

1. Focus helps you get more productive

It took me a really long time before I learned how to keep myself from distractions and focus properly and attentively. It was at this time that I learned that by giving all your attention to a task without distraction, you can get it done much more quickly, with fewer mistakes, and your work will be of a higher quality as well.

Also, I cannot count the number of times I have had encounters with distractions while working. It is my focus that helps me get back on track and ignore those distractions. The truth is, distractions will always knock your doors. What you choose to do when they do knock is totally up to you. You can either choose to stay focused and be more productive just like I did or be distracted. It’s your choice, but choosing to remain focused will help you to become more productive at your work.

2. Focus helps you get more creative

Often times, I have had to perform tasks that seemed impossible. Sometimes, it seems impossible because I have never used that software before or it could be that what I want to create can only be done with a software that costs more than I earn…LOL.

Whenever I’m faced with scenarios like this, I always tell myself I have to find a solution. It helps that I have crazy team members that always make me believe I can do anything. Times like this made me realize that when there’s focus, creativity kicks in and at the end, I always seem to find a solution. Focus births Creativity, which in turn birth solutions.

The thing is, it really doesn’t really matter what you do, whether you’re a traditional creative type like artists, writers, photographers, designers and musicians, as well as people who create products or services, teachers, researchers, stay-at-home parents, executives, bloggers, etc. as long as you have focus, You’ll come up with new ideas associated with the task at hand, and you’ll complete it creatively.

3. Focus helps you combat stress

Being constantly connected to others and having many distractions that take away your focus can affect your stress levels as well as your productivity. When you aren’t focused, you don’t get as much done as you could if you were truly focused on the task you’re doing. This causes you to fall behind with your work and you end up becoming stressed.

4. Focus makes your work quicker

When you focus on a single task, avoiding distractions, your brain becomes focused on that task alone. This lets you complete that task much more quickly than if you are trying to complete two or more tasks at once.

What we too easily forget is that our brain is far more powerful than a computer. It has the most amazing processing power and its creativity and intelligence are virtually limitless. When you focus on one task, all that power is working on the task. You can’t fail to get the task finished quicker than if you were dividing your brain power between 2 or more tasks.

5. Focus can easily turn your life around and help you become successful faster

A saying goes; “Energy flows where the attention goes”. When you focus on something, it naturally expands. When you focus on expanding your knowledge, your life will automatically expand. Focus on learning new things every day. Make learning a priority in your life. However, there are going to be distractions around you, but you need to focus anyways.

When you are focused, no one can hinder you from being successful. Successful people are focused people. They work on their goals every single day and never let distractions come in their way. This helps them achieve success faster than anyone. Focus is important in your life if you want to achieve the success you desire.

Note; the more you learn to focus in life, the better your life will be.

In conclusion

Being focused is the key to success. It is not about doing the most work; it is about doing your most important work to the highest standard. Only being focused allows you to that.

Be Focused!!!

Damilola Emmanuel Akinosun

COO/Chief Design Officer