You’ve built a wonderful website, or maybe the web developer helped you, and nobody visits your site and you think it’s the village people that are following you. My dear wake up. It doesn’t end at building the site, you have to do things that would ensure that people visit the site.

I’m going to discuss one way to drive traffic to your website.


Yes, you heard right…Having a blog on your business website is something you should consider to help grow your business if you haven’t given it a thought yet.

Blogging has been tested to be an effective way of getting traffic to any website According to JupiterResearch, about 13% of buyers are influenced to buy a product after reading a blog post.

How can a blog help the growth of your business??

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

I know this sounds like a very complex thing. So, let’s paint a picture in your mind. Say my company sells solar inverters. And I’ve written a blog post on how to know quality solar inverters. When a person searches for that, your website pops up. But there is a condition. That blog post has to be optimized. Click on this link to see how to.

High source of Traffic

A valuable blog post, which is a post that answers the questions of internet users, can increase the number of people visiting your website. You can write a blog post that would drive the user to make enquiries about your product or buy it.  Calm down, I can see the smile on your face. While this is possible, it should not be a constant thing. Just share valuable ideas and the audience would naturally find their way to your products.

Shares and Recommendation

You can’t begin to imagine the impact having a blog that delivers valuable content would do to your business. This can position you as a leader in your niche and place you ahead of your competitors. When this happens, site visitors not only share your content to their followers on social media, they recommend your blog post to their friends who can end up becoming customers.

More sales

When your audience engages with the content on your blog and find it helpful, you’ve created an impression that they are in the right place. Customers are always looking for businesses that have credibility and sure, your blog content is one of their considerations.

A case study on jumia.com.ng online store shows that 48% of its shoppers are people that are engaging with its blog content which obviously influence their buying decision.

Beat competitors

With blog contents that engage users, your business has an upper hand against competitors. This means you’re positioned as an authority in your industry and that said, you’ll be able to grab a large part of the market share.


Final Thoughts

Now that you know the importance of having a blog on your online store, get your web developer to include a blog on your website and start smashing your competitors. That’s not all, reach out to content freelancers to deliver you tantalizing posts frequently at a reasonable price. You can also reach out to us to get started.