Attention Game 2018: How to Grab your Audience’s Undivided Attention online

Don’t be bothered, this won’t take your time.

Trends and research show that our attention span is getting shorter online. Which means we have a few seconds to entice our audience into clicking our links or reading our posts.

A lot of websites out there with great and informative content have become irrelevant because no one is reading. While we can’t compete with all the distraction constantly nudging the pockets of our audience, like a little child hungry for attention, not all is lost. For instance, Facebook, Instagram, Temple Run and who knows what next?

As an entrepreneur, you might face the same problem. But there’s one thing you have that Temple Run lacks: content with real value.

Every day, thousands of websites come up, competing for your audience’s attention.

How can you fight in this overcrowded jungle, so that people can see your worth? What can you possibly do to make your website stand out?

Put yourself in your audience shoes – when searching for information online, you type your query and search engine returns a number of websites related to your query. You then choose which link to click based on what?


See 3 Things That Influence This Decision

  1. Unique domain name

Epower - Unique domain name

Your domain name is more than the words you type into the browser, it’s the foundation for your online identity. Putting yourself in the shoes of your audience, you’re on the watch for a domain name that is short, memorable and has rhythm among others Google bots returns in searches.


  1. Killer Title

Epower - Killer Title

Catchy headline can make or break your content. Simply put, the first and most effective way to gain your audience attention in a world of information overload, is by writing compelling titles. Even if your content is exciting, it’s going to be difficult to develop a massive following if you don’t excite, taunt, tease, challenge, educate or entertain your audience with your headline.

Believe it or not, your title is your most important asset for traffic online.


  1. Value-proof Meta Description

Epower - Value-proof meta description

Meta description is the snippet that appears below the blue link in Google search. After an enticing headline, your audience wants to be sure that your content delivers the promise of your headline.

Your website meta description should include points or statements that would grab your audience undivided attention and make them click to view the full content.

With these 3 points of mine, I hope I have been able to convince (and not confuse you …lol) that paying attention to a unique domain name, using killer titles and value-proofing Meta description is a smart way to make your business relevant and gain attention which can be converted into sales.


Now, over to you.

What do you look out for when you search? And how does it influence the action you take- whether to open or not open?