This is the kind of conversation that I regularly have with clients, startups, and companies who want to build a social media presence to create awareness and bring in sales.

Client: On our social channels, we’re looking to increase interaction, followers and generate leads.

Me: We need to build a social media strategy around your target group and then push out PROMOTIONAL CAMPAIGNS frequently with your key messages…

Client: We don’t have a plan for promotion at this time, let’s just grow organically.

Me: #FacialExpressionOfDisappointment

They probably have social profiles with a maximum of hundred followers  and they want to organically improve interaction!
Even with thousands of followers, post likes and comments engagement are in single digits. Although it was originally possible that if you started posting on Facebook, people who liked your page would see the content, that’s not the case anymore. You’re going to be disappointed if you’re trying to post content on a platform with a few hundred fans and aiming for participation.

It is quite likely that your post will not be seen by any of your audience.

What has changed?

Social networks need to make money, and their systems have been modified to drive advertisers into paying for promotions. For example, since 2012, Facebook has limited organic reach. In early 2014, Social survey found that the organic penetration of Facebook was only 6 percent. In reality, the greater your success, the lower your organic range. Not only Twitter but also other social media networks have also limited organic scope.

Therefore, if you want more engagement in your social profiles, you need to put some serious money and commitment behind it.

There is no denying social networks have been modified to drive users to pay for promotions. Take a look at your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter page and compare engagements from previous years.

You must have noticed one time or the other Instagram and Facebook send pop-up notification telling you about one of your posts doing well and how you can get better engagement by boosting/promoting it. For example, “you could reach up to 1000 people by daily boosting your page with N2000”. We see these messages all the time.

It is better to use the paid promotion options to present the content to audiences who will find it appropriate. Spend the money wisely. Know your target audience, know what you want from the promotion, plan the campaign carefully and track it every day! Make sure you keep an eye on the ROI.

If you are looking at social media without plans to spend some money on it, it’s best not to do it. Outdated content on pages, low engagement rates, and lack of responses will only sow a seed of doubt in the minds of people visiting your page.

In the end, social media is a daily commitment. If you don’t have the resources to support it, think again before jumping in.

If you want to do social, it’s best to do it right.