Does your Business Really Need a Website?

You have your business all over social media, prospects are constantly engaging with your posts on these platforms and you don’t have a website?

Obviously, you make use of the internet to get information, you found this site after all. The same way you look for information, your potential customers are also looking for information relating to your business. Make yourself visible and available to them by having a website.

Still, think you shouldn’t. Here are 3 reasons why you need a website:

  1. Your customers are already searching for what you do online

There are over 400,000 searches taking place online every second. 97% of consumers search for businesses and services online. Yet 58% of small businesses don’t have a website. Your business needs a website so potential customers can find you instead of your competitors.


  1. Having an online presence will build your business credibility

Not having a website in this day and age is akin to being faceless. You need a website to build your business credibility. Without a website, customers will be left wondering what your business is about, something that will lead them to work with other businesses whose intentions and services are clear.


  1. Customer Connections Happen on Websites

There are several important things that happen on brand websites:

  • Customers learn about your services
  • People can send you a direct email
  • Visitors can sign up for your newsletter
  • People can read past customer reviews
  • Customers can share your website with friends and family
  • Visitors can get directions to your physical location
  • A direct purchase can be made



Your business needs a website today because customers are already searching for what you do, having a kickass website builds your credibility and customer connections can happen. Not forgetting that a website must have great design, yet be simple and still easy to navigate. This gives your customers a clear path to take a call-to-action.

Your website must also be consistent with your brand identity and your content must stand out online.

Now, over to you.

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