DO EPIC STUFF: The story behind our new T-shirt design

Towards the end of 2018, we decided we would start the new year with a new look. Specifically, we decided our shirts would spot a new look. Our initial shirt design was not bad, but we wanted something more. Something that would grab people’s attention & send a message. A design worth making a remark about.

Our CEO, Gbenga had seen the words Do Epic Stuff on a friend’s WhatsApp status. Not only did we find it inspiring, but we were also convinced it was a perfect reflection of our work. We came up with different design concepts. We played around with several fonts and arrangements until we were convinced that the one chosen was the chosen one.

The inscription ‘Do Epic Stuff’ not only speaks to the people seeing it but to us as a company. Seeing our cute shirts on each other all day, every day reminds us never to settle for the ordinary. Sometimes we even tease each other with it.

We think the design is super cool. What do you think?