Do your friends & family know what you do?

One of the biggest mistakes small business owners make is to not educate those closest to them- friends and family- about what they do. If we asked your parents right now, would they be able to pitch your business or at least describe your offerings? If we talked to your neighbours in the community you live, your friends at church or at the mosque, your school buddies, would they be able to tell someone who needs your services, what exactly you do?


It’s funny how we chase ‘real customers who have money’ when referrals remain one of the most powerful sources of lead generation. Your friends and family may not have any need for your product or service but they sure know someone who does. They already trust you and will be willing to vouch for you.


I wrote this post because someone I met at an event, who then became a friend and later traveled out of the country for his Masters just recommended to a friend ‘in the abroad’. My friend knows exactly what I do, what we do at Epower. My sister Ovonlen Tomi and my brother have brought business for Epower. My friend Ayo atitebi too. They know that Epower does website design, Mobile App design, and Visual branding. They can even pitch it flawlessly. And that’s why they are able to convince their friends.


Your friends and family should not just know you as ‘someone who presses computer all the time’. They need to know precisely what you do and how you add value. By the way, if you cannot explain your business in simple terms to a 5-year-old, you probably do not know what you are doing well enough (I’d recommend you take a pitching class or join a speaking club like Pacesetters or Toastmasters).

Stop keeping those closest to you in the dark about what you do. They may not buy but could land you your next big deal.


Ogunbowale Olugbenga