From reluctance to recognition: the story of Mrs. Ramatu’s award-winning GEW campaign

As the CEO of Pure Garment, Mrs. Ramatu Ibrahim had tried several digital agencies & was not satisfied with what She was getting out there. She subsequently ignored anything online branding or marketing after numerous heartbreaks.

Then, She met with our CEO, Olugbenga Ogunbowale at the Nigerian American Chamber of Commerce (NACC) SME conference in Abuja. Impressed by his presentation, She hinted She would get in touch but bluntly warned him about how difficult it is to satisfy her because of her high standards.

Weeks later, Mrs Ramatu was selected by the Enterprise Development centre (of the Pan Atlantic University, Lagos) to host the Global Entrepreneurship week in Kaduna. She sought to influence Entrepreneurs in Kaduna to attend the GEW events through Social media. Not willing to deploy traditional marketing which was typically expensive, hard to target and difficult to measure, She reached out to Epower.

Except we had barely 2 weeks to deliver physical attendance as follows:

  • The Walk: 300
  • Women Enterprise Day: 200
  • Youths Program: 200

Our approach

First, we wrote a compelling copy (marketing words) for the campaign. Next, we opened social media pages for her brand and we branded these pages with compelling designs. Then we created designs for the different events and special designs for each speaker. Finally, we ran a targeted Facebook lead generation campaign on a shoestring budget and followed up on the leads via a strategically timed SMS campaign.


  • Total Physical attendance in excess of 800 participants.
  • Over 20,000 impressions online.
  • Kaduna won the award of ‘Partner of the year’ beating other host cities including Lagos, Abuja & Ibadan to Enterprise Development Center recognition.

Mrs. Ramatu was so impressed by our performance that she asked for a revised invoice (She actually overpaid).

Why should you be concerned?

In a medical survey, 94% of participants said that they disqualified a medical website based on the website design alone. Design.

You cannot afford to go through 2019 with a barely manageable online presence or with websites and visual designs looking like something out of the 90’s. Quit handling your brand image to that ‘cousin of yours that can design’ or that friend of yours that ‘just learnt web design’.

If you want your business to be taken seriously, you have to get serious about your business. Get started here.