I walked into the office on Monday morning and I saw him seated. I checked the log book and I saw… I thought… well, maybe he is just trying to make a first impression. Let’s see how this plays out.  However, that day, I knew deep down that we had made the right decision and had unrefined gold in our hands and like his HOD said, he learns like a hungry lion.

The decision-making process was an interesting one. After he left, the team sat down to discuss. We had to brush off our evaluation form and… just discuss.

Breathing deeply, the CEO asked, ‘’Guys what do you think?”

Of course, everyone had something to say about him. Different opinions were flying over my head.

Someone said, ‘’ He is too young.” Another said, ‘’ he doesn’t even have a Laptop”… ‘’What about his University education?”… ‘’Would he be able to fit into our culture?” … ‘’Does he have the exposure and experience needed to work in this place?”

But then each person that raised an objection had a solution to the objection that he or she raised.

The person that said he was too young, reminded himself that age is not and should not be a barrier to doing great things.

The person that said he doesn’t even have a laptop, reminded herself that it wasn’t even a problem and it shouldn’t have been mentioned in the first place.

The person that asked if He would be able to fit into our culture, reminded himself that our culture had at its core, a predilection for the divergent and those who are willing to go the extra mile to excel.

The person that asked if He had the experience and exposure, reminded himself that with mentorship from the whole team and the other things he was going to learn, he was going to get better. Consequently, noting that experience and exposure is a lifelong process that must begin from somewhere.

Then, the CEO calmly said, ‘’we would get him a laptop and all team members would be involved in mentoring him. The head of Web development team would be in charge of the mentorship process”.

Judging by his incredible work rate & output, we most definitely made the right decision.

Hammed is a reminder that everyone who is willing should be given the chance to learn and the room to grow.