Grab headlines like Ebuka’s #BAAD2017 outfit in 3 steps

epower talking about ebuka's agbada#BAAD2017 will be talked about for months and remembered for years. Banky & Adesua’s wedding was unsurprisingly lit with stars, however, it was Ebuka that grabbed all the headlines. Here’s how:

BE DIFFERENT: other Agbada’s followed the rules, Ebuka’s Agbada did not. From the stylish stitching to the patterns, it was refreshingly different. Aim to be different in your business. Me-too brands don’t grab headlines.

HAVE FUN: Ebuka obviously rocked the outfit, He had fun. Your business should be lively, not boring. Give your brand a human face online.

WORK WITH THE BEST: Trust twitter, Ebuka’s legendary tailor was found in a jiffy. And his works are hot! Never compromise on quality when packaging your brand. You cannot have a logo or bill board that looks like poo or a website that reminds everyone of 1990, in the name of cutting costs. Only premium branding attracts premium clients.

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