How to win an election in Nigeria

The secret behind winning an election in Nigeria all comes down to strategy. A political campaign is an intense experience and, when done correctly, it is also a lot of hard work. There are no tricks or short cuts. Your strategy is the backbone of your campaign. Your strategy will dictate everything from the start of your campaign to your first day in office. So it pays to have a good strategy in place.

Here are some strategies to win elections in Nigeria

Well-Funded Campaign:

A well-funded campaign has more chances of success. An underfunded campaign cannot hire the best hands and make bold moves, and this is a major problem a lot of political campaigns face. You need to organize very creative fundraising activities to raise money from political donors.

Address Pressing Issues:

What issues do you plan to focus on and how do you plan to address those issues? People will only support you if you’re solving or at least promising to solve a major problem in their lives. Also, how you target your campaign to those voters who believe what you believe matters. Successful Political campaigns are driven by issues. You can win a campaign when you expose the incompetence and mistakes of your political rival in an honest and competitive way and offer a better alternative.

Smart Campaign Marketing:

it is important to utilize all forms of campaign strategies: social media, television/radio ads and other marketing platforms like door-to-door canvassing etc. these avenues help you broadcast your message to a large number of potential voters in a short amount of time.

Effective Grass root Mobilization: 

Political campaigns in Nigeria are not won on Facebook and Twitter Though these platforms help increase potential reach, the main work lies in a grass roots political campaign strategy. With a country as large as Nigeria, you need influential people in all constituencies mobilizing support for your election.

With a well-funded campaign that is issues based, built around a smart marketing plan and backed by effective grass root mobilization, your chances of winning an election in Nigeria just got brighter.