Last week Friday after work hours, I was searching for places where children can have fun on May 27th (In case you can’t remember, May 27th is Children’s day). While that was loading, I was going through my email on my phone. While I was trying to reply an email, I got the notification of a calendar invite (I know!! guilty as charged, I can be a multitasking person like that).

Then, like a eureka moment, a thought hit me. What if Google crashed for a day? I wasn’t even going to try to think about it crashing for more than a day. I didn’t want to suffer alone in my head. So I voiced out and asked my colleagues. And the first thing to come out of the first person’s mouth was “that is apocalypse nah”

I decided to google the question about Google. Doesn’t that sound ironic… Lol. I realized I wasn’t the only one who had thought about this (there is nothing new under the sun). You probably have too. I found something else: Google servers went down for less than 5 minutes in August 2013 and the effect was massive.

I’m sure you are beginning to connect the dots. I can’t imagine my life without Google Search, Gmail, Google Maps (Uber, I see you) & Google Docs.

The question that begs to be answered now is: how can you make your product as indispensable as Google?

The truth is that I’m going to waste your time and my time if I tell you 5 or ten steps or maybe 30 steps to make your product indispensable. I have just one answer.


Yeah, it sounds easy but it isn’t easy. For your product to be useful, it must meet the needs of your target audience. I’m not sure who said this but someone once said; “It is only valuable if it solves a customer problem”. It’s all about solutions!

Now, the problem a lot of people have is that they stop at the first stage. If you do, your business would be ‘earthquaked’ and it would be seen no more. So what do you do?  You have to continuously improve your products. That’s exactly what Apple does. They have the same products but improve upon it with crazy innovative ideas. Apple is rarely first in a category. They look at a product/market and innovate so much, the previous players look like rookies. There were music players before iPod and there were smart (or not too smart) phones before the iPhone.

Get out of your comfort zone. Think outside or within the box, I don’t care. Just move your product from where it is right now to something better.

I’m almost done, relax.

Now, it is one thing for your product to have value and it is another thing for people to see and understand this value.

That is where branding and great sales copy come in.

We would talk about that next week.

The comment section is yours now.