The first four months of a typical Nigerian graduates post NYSC period is filled with frustration and anger towards the government especially if He isn’t lucky enough to have connections that can land him his dream job. Take it from someone who has been down that road.

Our educational system prepares students with outdated curricula and blunt tools for a world that no longer exists. In the end, graduates enter the extremely flooded labor market only to find out their degree did not prepare them for the workplace: how sad. But that is a story for another day. Today is about my Epower story.

There wouldn’t have been an Epower Story for me if I wasn’t the type of person who believes no knowledge is lost. I certainly wouldn’t have garnered skills that qualified me for my current Job position (Business Development Executive) at Epower even though my educational background was in the medical field.

Regardless of what my background was, I learned very early to always prepare for opportunities I see. Even if it presents itself as a challenge or even seem beyond my reach. Little wonder I remained dauntless when I spoke to Olugbenga Ogunbowale (CEO, Epower) on applying for the job position as his response was “this position is for experienced individuals with an incredible track record”. A dogged belief in my abilities spurred me to apply nonetheless. That belief got me to become a part of this incredible company with amazing people.

They aren’t my co-workers, we are family. They aren’t just innovative, they are outstandingly accommodative. They aren’t just goal oriented, they are also process driven. I can go on and on but all I mean to say is when you get a job you are always eager to go to in the morning and reluctant to leave in the evening; It isn’t a work-place it is a love-place.

I am so glad to be in an environment so conducive that I am always motivated to work smart and bring something tangible to the table.

To be continued…………. **Watch out for the sequel.

Ogunjimi Oluwamayowa-Smith
Business Development Executive