December to Remember

Task Automation

Helping Africa’s biggest Orphanage Outreach Automate Certificates for nearly 1,000 volunteers.

The Challenge


December to Remember donated Medical supplies, clothes & food to thousands of Orphans across Africa through the exceptional dedication and donation of her volunteers. In recognition of their contribution, the December to Remember team decided to give each volunteer a certificate of participation. Except it was extremely difficult to produce & deliver nearly 1,000 certificates using conventional methods.

Case Study


We wanted to minimize errors to zero and eliminate the long process of having to first figure out the right name, design each certificate and mail it to the right person. To achieve this, we built an automated certificate generator that houses the database of all volunteers. All you have to do as a volunteer is, visit and get your certificate instantly.

Using the manual method, it took weeks to get over 150 certificates delivered to the right persons but with our automated certificate generator, it now takes seconds for any volunteer to get their certificate.


Definitive Results

  1. 98% of volunteers describe the automated certificate generator as efficient and fast.
  2. 100% of the December to Remember team gave Epower a 5 Star rating
  3. The December to Remember team can now appreciate thousands of verified volunteers with their branded certificates without keeping the volunteers waiting or relying on Graphic designers who may take weeks.

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