Learn Urhobo Quiz

UI/UX, Web Development
Creating a fun an easy way to learn Urhobo language!

The Problem

Native African languages & culture is eroding very fast, hence the need to rapidly use digital technology to preserve these cultures. This is exactly what ‘Learn Urhobo’ aimed to achieve via an interactive quiz app.

Case Study

We started by defining the problem and clarifying expected outcomes. Next, we determined the ideal target audience of the app and this proved extremely important as it allowed us to design for the right set of people. We found out that the ideal audience were people who wanted to learn Urhobo, especially Nigerians in the Diaspora and Nigerian Elite class. This insight formed the basis of our design and development.

We proceeded to define the constraints and how to exploit them. We did more research using user experience design methodology: Our research was based on the following:

1. Existing quiz web applications.

2. Urhobo and their basic language usage especially with the target audience.

3. Interview: Ten potential users were interviewed with the aim of finding out how best they would use the product.

Our Solution


We held numerous brainstorming sessions, each time coming up with different ideas based on data from our research. In the end, we presented 3 of our smartest ideas to the client who then made the final selection. We built a 4 stage, 20 question quiz app with lots of humour (Urhobo people are some of the most humorous people you can ever meet). We deployed a popular Urhobo soundtrack as background music to spice up the app. This way, users learn and have fun too.

It’s quite interesting that while we were doing in-house testing of the app, members of the team danced to the audio while battling to get the highest number of Kolanuts from the elders. What a fun way to learn a language!


  1. The client gave us a 10-star rating for the incredible experience and immediately contracted the website redesign to us.
  2. Users have branded the app “addictive” and described the experience as “seamless”
  3. The bounce rate of the parent site has reduced by over 50% since the launch of the app.

Check it out at http://quiz.learnurhobo.com