project mock up
project mock up

Learn Urhobo Quiz App

Background: Native African languages & culture are eroding very fast especially among Africans in diaspora. The Learn Urhobo company saw a clear need to rapidly use digital technology to preserve African culture and connect African’s in diaspora to their roots, starting with Urhobo language.
project mock up
project mock up

The Challenge

Several brands have attempted to build websites or apps to teach African languages. Most attempts have failed woefully. How can we get Africans in Diaspora hooked on a language tutoring platform?

The Approach

We knew from the onset that we needed to approach the project from a divergent lens.We started by defining the problem and clarifying expected outcomes. We proceeded to define the constraints and how to exploit them. We did more research using user experience design methodology.
Our research showed that interactivity, fun and rewards were key features language learners wanted. We then built a 4 stage, 20 question quiz app with lots of humour (Urhobo people are some of the most humorous people you can ever meet) . We deployed a popular Urhobo soundtrack as background music to spice up the app. This way,users learn and have fun too.

project mock upproject mock up

The Client Said

"We were so happy with the quiz app that we asked Epower to redesign the entire website."

Victoria idiegbe
Chief learning Officer, Learn Urhobo

The Results

  • After delivering the quiz App, the client gave us a 10-star rating and immediately contracted the website redesign to us.
  • Users have branded the app “addictive” and described the experience as “seamless”
  • The bounce rate of the parent site has reduced by over 50% since the launch of the app.

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