UI/UX, Web Development

Reinventing a brick & mortar electronics store with a smashing online presence.

The identity of any brand is the logo. The website and other promotional materials must have this identity.

Case Study


Polyforte, an electronics company that provides modern and efficient electronic gadgets for homes and offices, needed a website. An online office for their business, where their clients can go at any time of the day to see the products that are available in their outlet before coming to buy. They approached us at Epower, to design a website for them because we have a reputation for designing great websites. However, their logo was a no-no! It was difficult for the web developers in the company to integrate the logo into the outstanding design they had created. We had to ask for their permission to redesign another logo. We designed the website so it displayed flawlessly on all devices. The home page was welcoming and refreshing. The design was user-friendly and aesthetic, with a perfect image & text combination. Guess what, we exceeded their expectations and they immediately contacted us for another project. You can see for yourself. www.polyforteng.com.

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