Skyzgold Events

UI/UX, Web Development

A complete digital facelift for an event Juggernaut.

If your business is not on the internet, your business would go out of business says, Bill Gates.

Skyzgold events, an event design company that creates spectacular decorations for weddings, birthdays and other events, realized that not having a website in this 21st century was akin to being faceless.

Case Study


Skyzgold Events knew they needed a face to their brand. And who else does one go to when you need to create a face or when your face needs a makeover? Of, course they came to the plastic surgeons of web development. We designed a face that was not just beautiful and appealing to the eyes, but a site that was user-friendly and attracted more clients for their business because not only did we create a visually appealing & functional website, we created a website optimized for Google, ensuring online visibility and with it, online sales.

See for yourself: skyzgoldevents.