QUALITIES OF A GREAT COPY; Who are you trying to impress?


I was going through a website yesterday. Trying to understand what exactly they do. You are probably asking why I would check if I didn’t have an idea? Well, a friend told me to check it out and she can be really cryptic when it comes to things like this.

So, I checked the website and I could not understand jack. When I say Jack I mean Jack. It might as well be written in Swahili.

And the question I asked was who are you trying to impress? Your prospective clients can’t even understand what you do, how you operate and all the other ‘necessaries’.

I read, maybe not as much as you do. But…I see a lot of blog posts, adverts, and website copy and the first question that runs through my mind is the same question that ran through my mind when I saw that website; who are you trying to impress? If those who you are trying to reach out to, can’t even understand what you are saying, you have successfully said nothing.


What makes a great copy?

  • Copy is supposed to speak to your client not at your client.
  • It should be simple. So, I don’t have to go to Google translate even when it’s written in English.
  • It should grab attention. If you want to see how, click here.
  • It should educate people. They should learn about how your product or service will make their life easier or solve a problem.
  • And of course, as always, a great copy converts. Whatever that means to your line of business.