Reasons Why You Should Invest In a Website: The Ashdam Solar Case Study


When people need information about a product, place or service they need, they just Google what they are looking for and…. Voila!  Links to the most related web pages is suggested back in search results.

Imagine if these potential customers can’t find any decent website about your business. Imagine competitors grabbing their attention instead? Wouldn’t this be disastrous? Avoid putting your business in this scenario by investing in a professional website that showcases your company, products or services.

With your website, your virtual shop can be open 24/7. With your website, you can attract new customers! Not convinced? Here is what happened when we redesigned Ashdam Solar’s website.


CASE STUDY: Ashdam Solar

Ashdam Solar Co. Limited is a renewable energy company in Nigeria headquartered in Ibadan that provides clean, affordable and uninterrupted smart energy solutions. They have built a reputation by providing quality alternative energy solutions to the Nigerian community with exceptional client satisfaction. Ashdam Solar launched way back in 2007 with a website but as the company grew, they realized that they had outgrown the website and they needed a 21st-century website that could serve their clients and prospects better. For the redesign, a client of ours referred them to us.

Redesigning a site is as good as building a site from scratch and so we began work. In less than 3 weeks, we were able to deliver a bespoke, easy to use website that not only ranked on the first page of Google but helped Ashdam Solar attract new customers and significantly grow sales in less than 5 months. You can see for yourself at

In conclusion

Investing in a quality website can expose your business, increase your business and cut costs. Stop being the world’s best kept secret and stop losing market share to your competitors: invest in your website today.