SEO checklist: Optimize your Website & Reach your Target Audience in 5 steps

Having an aesthetically designed website is one thing. Making it visible to your target audience is another. For a website that converts, strategic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a must.

SEO allows the information on your website get discovered and rank well on search engines. This means improved brand awareness and more sales for you, at a minimal cost.

SEO is the backbone of a website’s visibility. Most often than not, it is difficult for businesses to get their products to their online audience with a poor SEO.



  1. Relevant Keywords

If you’re the audience, what will you search for? Understanding the users’ intent is very important. This enables you to get the right keywords and its related phrases.

Epower Keywords

Note those keywords/phrases and implement them on your website by assigning each keyword to different pages of your site.  Every page on your site should target a specific keyword – your Homepage keyword, page title and description shouldn’t be the same with About page or Services likewise your site blog articles.


  1. Have the XML sitemap of your Website Submitted to Search Engines

You want search engines to find your website, right? Of course, on their own, they will do this. But you need to make sure search engines like Google and Bing are aware of your new website. This enables them to bring it up when someone searches using your keywords/phrases.


XML Sitemaps unlike their HTML counterpart, are meant for search engine crawlers to crawl and index your website pages/posts and others. It also contains unique information that will enable search engines to understand your website better.

If you want to understand XML sitemap better, click here- How to create an XML sitemap for your website


  1. Claim your Local Spaces Online/Offline

Listing your business name, address and phone numbers on Local Business Directories is very vital and important as they can drive huge traffic to your website and also provide a consistent signal to the search engines about your business.

Epower Local SEO

In the image above, you will notice that the returned result is from a local business directory and more of the results below for that particular search “event planner in Lagos” are all from local business directory listings.

Some of the popular listing directories in Nigeria are:

Depending on your business product/services, you can also use industry related sites like:

Apart from the sites mentioned above, one important space you need to claim online is Google My Business. It is very important to claim and verify Google My Business for your business as Google usually prioritizes such businesses. Especially when such searches are made based on location as you can see in the image below.

Epower Google My Business

In the image above, we searched for “ivf centres in Lagos” and part of the returned result included rating, phone numbers, website, and directions.


  1. Consistently Create Blog Articles

Blog consistently on relevant topics that serve the needs of your niche. This makes the value that your product/service offers visible. This, in turn, helps build a loyal and active audience for your website which leads to increased sales.

Epower Blog Articles

Things to consider:

  • Share your blog posts on your different social media channels.
  • Send it out to your lists, both old and prospective clients.
  • Get your friends and others within your niche to promote it.
  • Build backlinks with other blogs relevant to your industry.


  1. Make use of Social Media

The best medium to create awareness for your website is through an active and optimized social media channel.

Epower Social media

From your social media channel cover to profile picture, to posts and activities, all are important in optimizing your website.

When you change your accounts cover photo, make sure it comes with an important activity around your business, including a vivid description of what your business is about.

Frequently post and promote posts on your social media handles with links back to your website.

Don’t just pick a random social media channel. Find out the best platform that suits your industry and know where your target audience congregates.

E.g. Instagram is just the right platform for a Photography business while Facebook is the best platform for an E-commerce business.


Now, over to you.

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