Six Brand Building Strategies to Keep & Attract Customers

The dream of every business owner dream is to have a large following of loyal
customers. This requires maintaining a successful offline and online presence.
The perfect way to achieve this is through effective brand building.

What is brand building?

Branding is more than a name and symbol. A brand is created and influenced by
people, visuals, culture, style, perception, words, messages, PR, opinions, news
media and especially social media. Like when a child is born and given a name, a
brand needs nurturing, support, development and continuous care in order to
thrive and grow. Some brands have a life cycle and grow old like people. Some
brands are timeless and never die, are “born again” or reinvented, while some
brands live a short but powerful life and have an iconic legacy according to Lisa
Hence, Brand building is a set of strategies to improve a brand’s reputation,
relevance, visibility, equity, and longevity and customer loyalty.

How can you build your brand to achieve customer loyalty and longevity?

1. Give Your Brand a Face.

Don’t be a stranger. Humanize your brand with an identity your brand consumers
can understand and relate with. Giving your brand a face can help with memory
retention and customer attraction. This is why fashion brands like Nike use icons
like Serena Williams to drive home the ‘Just Do It’ slogan.

2. Brand Values

To ensure and promote divergence, every brand must stand for something. It’s
hard to connect with or to define a brand that doesn’t stand for something.
Hence, it’s necessary to take a closer look at your business’ mission or vision. It
is necessary to answer questions like why does my business exist? Apple
certainly reminds us all to ‘think different’. In today’s competitive world,
customers often build up a relationship with a brand that they know, like & trust.
By defining your brand values, your customers will identify with you.

3. Align yourself with other Brands or Clients

Aligning with other notable and similar brands is a way to build and increase your
business value. You could use your official partnerships, testimonials & shared
projects to drive engagement.
Not only will a brand family help to build your brand, your business will get a
boost from both direct and indirect referrals. For instance, Diamond Bank teamed
up with MTN to launch Diamond Yello account. The exact same way
Epower is teaming up with The Orphan Empowerment Society (Africa’s biggest orphanage
outreach) towards reducing orphan poverty across Africa.

4. Line extension

To increase credibility, and equity, a brand could add to its current product line
by introducing versions of its products with new features. This way, consumer interest continues
to be retained and the life of the brand spans on. Think about how Indomie continues to release
new flavours or how Infinix continues to iterate.

5. Brand extension

If your current brand name is successful, you may use the brand name to extend
into new business areas which will further promote success, value and longevity
for your brand. A good example is Dangote. With a strong reputation for quality
in cement production, Dangote is expanding into oil refining.

6. SEO Strategy

SEO strategy is the process of organizing a website’s content to rank high on
search engines like Google. Through a strategic use of SEO, you can demonstrate
your value to the search engines. And make your pages rank highly for searches
relevant to your content. Having a presence in the top positions for the keywords
the user is searching, increases the web site’s trust and your online presence.
Implementing these strategies will further strengthen your brand. As you
strengthen your brand, continue to review and revise your strategies by tracking
helpful metrics and data such as brand awareness and engagement. Time to
close those deals.
Izuehien Mary Ngozi
Social Media Manager