Social Influencers and Digital Brand

Influencers have become major players in the digital world. Getting an influencer to work with you can be a great way to build your brand. Especially for businesses who want to get a message across to the right audience and for those with a small budget-the good news is that payment doesn’t always have to be monetary, you can gift your product or barter your services.

Most internet users make use of ad blockers. An influencer’s ad would break through this obstacle and get to your audience. For instance while people are forced to watch a YouTube ad for a maximum of 20 seconds, research shows that 69% of people are more likely to skip the ad after. Google, on the other hand has continued to update its search algorithms, which is great, but bad for business, because invisible test, keyword stuffing, and spam comments no longer gives you a boost in visibility.

Still have doubts?

Influencers do not just become popular in the twinkle of an eye. This has given them years of experience and a lot of followers. Making use of them would give you access to their expertise in content creation and their audience. With great content and a large audience, you can get up to 11x Return on Investment (ROI)-this would mean more sales- than other forms of digital marketing.

However, before you hire an influencer, you have to make sure the influencer is genuine; that s/he can deliver a perfect job and that s/he has an active audience.