The complete guide to writing a compelling case study 2

By Popular demand, we are following up last week’s guide with a sequel. If you are ready to write a compelling case study, here is a bulletproof, step by step guide:

1. The Knowledge of the Product/Service

You have to Begin your case study by giving the readers a brief introduction about your client’s service. What is the product or the service all about? This is the first thing that your readers would be interested in.

2. The Demo / Glimpse of the Product

Anything that will give readers a glimpse of what the product or service actually looks like and how it functions is welcome at this stage. It could be anything ranging from pictures to screenshots and even videos.

3. The Problem and the proposed solution

Here, you need to specify the problem/challenge facing the product or service. After you have pointed out the problem, explain what kind of strategy you proposed and why. How will your strategy solve the problem?

4. The Result

At this point, you have to share how your strategy and your solution worked out for your client. If possible, provide visual proof so readers or potential customers can see for themselves. Providing outcomes backed by proof is a rock solid way of winning customers over.

5. Closure

At this point, you have already provided enough details about the problem you solved, how you went about it and the results afterwards. Anyone who has read up till this point wants to know how to reach you. A one line or one paragraph synopsis of what you do plus a contact email or phone number will give you closure.

The best case studies tell compelling stories, evoke strong emotions and trigger real action.