The moment you decide to bring your business or brand online, you’re going to start seeing a lot of terms like domain name, URL, and so much more. Though they all are related to having a website, they don’t all mean the same thing, and if you don’t really understand how they work, you might be losing customers instead of gaining them.


A proper understanding of how they work will not only help you get new customers, it’ll help you retain them and, you’ll be ready to make your way around the web with confidence.


What We Mean By Domain Name And Url

Domain name

To make it more understandable, a domain name is the name of a website.
It’s as simple as that. It’s also what comes after “@” in an email address, or after the “www.” in a web address.

whenever someone asks how to find you online, what you tell them is usually your domain name and some examples are:





A URL is also known as “Universal Resource Locator”.
It is a complete web address used to find a particular web page. You know we talked about the domain being the name of the website, well, a URL leads to any one of the pages within the website.

Every URL contains a domain name, as well as other components needed to locate the specific page or piece of content, so whenever you are visiting a particular page on a website, a URL is what you see. Some Examples of URLs are:




Now let’s Talk The Problems

Certain domain names are so long they are annoying. Not only are you prone to make a mistake, It seems like a lot of work to even finish and some of these sites are now terribly designed…to make matters worse.
The truth is, the shorter and more concise your URL is, the better. A shorter URL is easier to remember, fits easily on printed material, and is more likely to “stick” in someone’s head so it can be recalled.



Some of the disadvantages of long URL and domain names

• Long website URLs look unattractive and they take up a bunch of space.

• When it comes to continuous revisits, 90% of people who revisit a website have memorized the URL and simply type it in the address bar whenever they want to revisit. When the URL is too long and uneasy to memorize, the numbers of recurrent visitors will drop which can affects the site’s traffic.
Why this mistake of long domain name or URL
Oftentimes people tend to give their projects to agencies who are not fully aware of how long domain or URLs affect the website’s visibility and SEO. Having this Knowledge is important, and when the agency managing your website does not know anything about this, you’re in trouble already.
Another reason could also be that the shorter URLs or domain that the company could make use of is unavailable.


If something can go wrong, then there’s a high probability that it definitely will. It is always good to stick with agencies that have the proper knowledge and deliver fully functional, effective and efficient web solutions regardless of the location, which is where Epower.Ng as a web and app development agency comes in.
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