Web Maintenance

let us secure your business.

Why Maintainance?

Just like owning a car or home, it’s cheaper to keep up with regular maintenance instead of waiting for your website to break. Websites that are not updated regularly are a waste of money & time.

Peace of mind

Without backups & updates, your website could lose data, get attacked, lose traffic to rivals, tank in rankings and even get take down completely. With our Secure me plan, you can carry on running your business without a care in the world knowing that your web property is in safe hands.

Keep prospects Coming back

Have you ever visited a site and found the most recent blog post to have been written in 2016? Did you go back? What about your website? It’s time to make it sparkle with fresh content. With our Drive me plan, you’ll get more Content & more traffic.

Get visible on Search Engines

The best place to hide a dead body is on the 2nd page of Google.  Outdated websites get far fewer visitors because Google prioritizes fresh content over stale content. With our Fly Me plan, your site will rank well on Google within 4 months. We will keep your brand in demand with fresh & useful content.

It’s time to clear the cobwebs and scent your website with fragrance to attract new eyes and with it, new sales

Your website is not a monument. It is a marketing machine. Make it work for you.

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