Why go digital? you ask. Online visibility translates to business visibility. Nearly everyone is online so why not you?
Unlike offline marketing that is difficult to target and hard to measure, going digital is a convenient and effective marketing strategy because of its low start-up costs, extensive reach and popularity.
As a business, not having a website, a blog, or even an account on Facebook or Twitter is akin to Chronic Digital Laziness (or CDL for short). A severe digital condition that can lead to loss of your business credibility online (your prospects will Google your name before they do business with you).
Here are 5 reasons why you should ditch those generally accepted traditional methods and go digital with your business:



1. Stay In Business

As the saying goes, “If you don’t stay updated, you’ll get outdated.”_Damilola Emmanuel Akinosun
In this digital era, going digital with your business is a smart choice. Many buyers are turning to online stores like the Amazon & Jumia to purchase their products. Transactions also take place on computers, iPads, and smartphones. People don’t want to be stressed anymore. So when they can’t get what they need from you, they’ll easily find another business to patronize and you might go out of business from losing lots of customers to your digitally savvy competitors.



2. Reach More People

A recent Nielsen survey found that mobile device users spent 33% of their time on social media.
You can reach more customers easily from leveraging effective online presence and social media than the traditional sales marketing and advertising methods.
At epower.ng, we have helped numerous clients reach their target audience and boost sales through smart websites, intuitive mobile apps, paid advertising & social media marketing.

Measuring success using analytics or the basic website tool provided by your hosting company makes it is easier to track the progress and success of your business when it is online.
You can easily track how many clicks, views, or responses your product or campaign got at a very low cost, and make the necessary changes while monitoring progress and seeing results in real time. We both know you can’t count the number of eyes that look up to view your billboard or the number of people that actually read through your flyer (let’s not discuss the terrible things Africans do with flyers in places like public toilets).



3. Be Everywhere

It is found that 79% of consumers follow brands on social networking sites to get more information.
According to 89% of consumers who turn to search engines to find information on products, services, and businesses before making a purchase, if it’s not on Google, it automatically does not exist.
Going digital opens your business up to a lot of opportunities, more visibility, and indirectly more sales.



4. Meet Your Market

Having an online presence enables you to get valuable Intel, such as the size of the market & demographics of your visitors — what device they’re using to visit your site, what they like, where they are from, and so on.
You can even track the bounce rate, which tells you how many visitors clicked on your website but left.



5. Need For Speed

The traditional way of office communication is a definite waste of time. No one wants to spend the time to print a document to send to someone when you can easily scan and slack.
Having a digital communication system will allow employees to be more productive and focus on other tasks sooner.
That’s it, folks!
What are you waiting for?
Make the switch already!