Why You Should Learn Something New

In this ever-changing and dynamic world of ours, change isn’t just constant, it’s moving at an incredible speed, we sleep at night wake up in the morning to discovery across all aspect of our life be it climate change, financial/business sector, energy sector, scientific fields or tech industry. We now have access, access on the internet to information and opportunities at a free or relatively low cost, technology has taken over and has brought the world to our fingertips, at one click away you can influence opinions of the society. Social media channels have given everyone an equal opportunity to make a difference either through the story you tell or the ones you endorse. With this much access, most of us are still impassive about learning amidst the abundance of knowledge out there.

Below are a few reasons why you need to learn something new.

1. Increased learning speed

The more you seek to learn the better you get at it, and the more you are exposed to things to learn about, this results in an accelerated learning process.

2. Get connected in your skill area

Technology has made the world smaller, it has brought everyone much closer like never before. Connection with leading experts in various industries has been made easier by the advent of media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter. These are used in giving out official information and nuggets at all times, either by individuals or large cooperation. With this, you get first-hand information about the various fields your interest lie. You can easily follow them and pick one or two things.

3. Become Interesting

No one likes a mundane person, everyone loves engaging in a productive and stimulating conversation, learning new things keeps your interest level high so you don’t get bored easily, rather you turn out as fun when you discuss your interest and share knowledge.

You get comfortable engaging on various topics at any time, you become interesting and thoughtful, people listen when you speak, they are willing to learn and associate with you.

All these help improve your connection and reputation. Don’t be boring!

4. Adapt better to change

A new skill gives you an improved appreciation for that discipline. When you learn something new, your mind and your perception changes, which in turn makes it easier to adapt to the inevitable changes life always tends to bring. Adapting to change is a skill in itself, and the more varied your life experience is, the easier it is to adapt to change.

5. Improved Brain Power

The white matter in your brain is called myelin, and it helps improve performance on several tasks. The more people practice a new skill they are learning, the denser the myelin in their brains becomes, which helps them learn even better. Also, people who learn a new skill are less likely to develop dementia, which has been linked to the demyelination of your brain. People who actively learn new skills don’t give their brains a chance to demyelinate, and their neural pathways are ready for new impulses to travel along with them.

Adedokun Samuel Adeleke
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